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Exploring the Game Variety at Lumi Casino NZ: A Player’s Perspective

New Zealand has been a hub for adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts for decades, offering a beautiful mix of nature and cityscapes. Adding to its charm is the world-class Lumi Casino, located in the heart of Auckland, providing a thrilling entertainment experience to locals and tourists alike. From luxurious gaming rooms to Michelin star restaurants, Lumi Casino is here to treat you with an extravagant experience. Keep reading to learn more about what Lumi nz casino has to offer.

Gaming Experience: The Lumi Casino is truly one of a kind, featuring an extensive range of table games and pokies. With over 1700 slot games and numerous live table games, there’s always something exciting happening at the Casino. The gaming experience is not just limited to traditional games like Blackjack and Roulette but also includes more innovative games for the tech-savvy gamers, such as Dominator and Lightening Link.

Luxury Dining: A world-class gaming experience is incomplete without exquisite dining options, and Lumi Casino surely understands that. The Casino features award-winning restaurants such as Huami, which brings an exciting gastronomic journey with its Cantonese inspired secret recipes passed down through generations. The Sugar Club, on the other hand, is a contemporary masterpiece, delighting diners with its fusion menu and a rotating view of the Auckland skyline.

VIP Gaming Rooms: For those seeking a more exclusive gaming experience, Lumi Casino offers a VIP room for VIP guests, featuring an extensive collection of Table games and a private bar. While the VIP room is membership-only, it’s undoubtedly worth the premium experience, complete with a personal butler and a private concierge.

Entertainment at Lumi: Lumi Casino is always buzzing with exciting entertainment options, featuring weekly guest performances and personal appearances from international artists. The venue hosts some of the most popular music and sports events in Auckland, such as Fight Nights and the New Zealand Music Awards. Apart from that, Lumi Casino also has its resident DJ, creating the perfect ambiance for visitors to groove to the beat and enjoy their time.

Accommodation Near Lumi: The Lumi Casino is located in the heart of Auckland, providing easy access to some of the best hotels in town. One such hotel is the SkyCity Grand Hotel, only a few steps away from the casino, providing guests with the ultimate luxury experience. The hotel features beautifully designed rooms with all the amenities required for a comfortable stay, including a spa and fitness center, a terrace, and a swimming pool.


The Lumi Casino is a statement of luxury and excellence, consistently setting the bar high for the entertainment industry. From its expansive gaming floors to fine-dining options, Lumi Casino is a one-stop destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience in New Zealand. We hope this insider’s guide has been helpful to you, and the next time you’re in Auckland, be sure to stop by Lumi Casino for a thrilling time.

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